Additive Camp Day Two…

Day Two of camp was mold making day, with a little bit of 3D scanning and a little bit of materials science thrown in. Dr. Harrysson started the day off with an overview of how an effective rapid prototyping process works utilizing 3D technology. This was followed by Dr. Harvey West giving campers some basics on material science as it relates to the world of additive. Understanding and advancing the development of materials that can be used in additive manufacturing is a critical part of making 3D printing more important and useful to all of us.

After lunch it was time to start making molds. See below:

IMG_1215     IMG_1220

Above, in the steamer, are various parts the campers had designed on Monday which were then printed on our 3D Systems Projet printer overnight. The support materials used in the Projet come off very easily in the steamer. Once cleaned the parts are ready to be used in the mold making process. In the other photo is an example of how the campers positioned their part in the container used to make a mold.

IMG_1216       IMG_1218        IMG_1225

Mix up the urethane, pressurize away the bubbles, and then pour. The end result is 20 molds. Wednesday they’ll be carefully dissected, and hopefully will be able to be used to make copies of their designs.

Wednesday will be primarily focused on getting the teams together to start working on their competition project. A busy day ahead.

Prepared by Steve Walker