Physical Testing Lab

Physical Testing Lab

Static Testing

Applied Test Systems 1620C

Tension, compression, and flexural testing of materials. 

Capabilities include:

  • Load cells of 25, 250, 5,000, and 20,000 lb capacity
  • 0.002 to 20 in/min loading rate
  • Extensometers of 0.64”, 1”, and 2” gauge length
  • Deflectometer
  • Failure detection
ATS | Physical Testing Lab

Fatigue Testing

Test Resources 910LX25 (25kN)

Cyclic testing of materials in tension, compression, or flexure.

Capabilities include:

  • Testing frequencies up to 20Hz
  • Deflection or load control
  • Peak/valley deflection and load recording
  • Failure detection
Fatigue Testing Machine | Physical Testing Lab
Fatigue Testing Machine | Physical Testing Lab

Test Resources 910LX3 (15kN)

Additional cyclic testing of materials in tension, compression, or flexure.

Furniture Testing

Static and cyclic testing of chairs and sofas per ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 for office chairs and X5.4 for public and lounge seating.

Furniture Testing capabilities include:

  • Horizontal and Vertical Arm Strength
  • Horizontal and Vertical Arm Durability
  • Horizontal and Vertical Back Strength
  • Horizontal and Vertical Back Durability
  • Structural Durability
  • Leg Strength
  • Front and Rear Stability
  • Drop Test
  • Unit Drop Test
  • Load Ease
  • Tilt Mechanism Durability
Furniture Testing | Physical Testing Lab

Environmental Testing

Parameter Generation and Control programmable environmental chambers for cyclic or steady state exposure of components to temperature and humidity to assess the stability of wood structures, veneers, or packaging.  They have also been used to study the effects of humidity on powder flow characteristics.

Walk-in Chamber | Physical Testing Lab
Reach-in Chamber | Physical Testing Lab

Capabilities include:

  • Temperature range of 15°F to 140°F
  • Humidity range of 10% to 95%
  • Reach-in chamber of 30 cubic foot capacity
  • Walk-in chamber measuring 9’ deep x 6’ wide x 6’ high
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