7 Ways to Partner with CAMAL

7 Ways to Partner with CAMAL

CAMAL works with a wide network of partners. Listed below are seven ways in which CAMAL and the professional community are working together for mutual benefit.

Got your own idea? We are always eager to explore new and creative ways to team up with our alumni and industry friends.


1. Project Opportunities

CAMAL is a pioneer in the areas of research and development of rapid prototyping and advanced manufacturing. The results of our wide range of resource areas have led to many real world successes. For more information on research projects, contact Tim Horn | tjhorn@ncsu.edu. If you are interested in furniture and material testing, contact Harvey West | hawest@ncsu.edu | 919.515.8527.

Project Opportunities | CAMAL



2. Courses for Companies

Take part in one of CAMAL’s courses targeting the information your company wants or needs to learn. Past topics include powder handling and powdered safety. We have done generic AM processes and topics. For more information, contact Chris Rock  |  cdrock@ncsu.edu | 919.515.6419.



3. Presentations and Learning Opportunities in the Classroom

CAMAL is affiliated with NC State’s ISE department where students experience a wide variety of manufacturing, production and logistics topics. Interaction with ISE students through class presentations, panels and lectures allows you to engage students in real-world problems and solutions. For more information, contact Chris Rock  |  cdrock@ncsu.edu | 919.515.6419.

Presentations and Learning Opportunities in the Classroom | CAMAL



CAMAL Summer Camp Opportunities

4. Summer Camp Opportunities

You can interact with future industrial and systems engineering students with hands-on exercises. CAMAL hosts an additive manufacturing summer camp for rising high school juniors and seniors. It is an opportunity for the students to discover the world of 3D printing. For more information, visit our Summer Camp or sign up with the College of Engineering Summer Camp Program.



5. Industry Research Opportunities

There are many benefits of partnering with CAMAL. We offer a full range of extension services to manufacturing industries and welcome any inquiries on how we can help your company compete in a challenging global economy. For more information, go to our becoming a member with CAMAL page, and download the CAMAL Membership Agreement. You can also contact Chris Rock  |  cdrock@ncsu.edu | 919.515.6419.

Industry Research Opportunities | CAMAL


6. Recruiting

Many undergraduate and grad students work in the CAMAL labs. We encourage you to attend our research symposium, see the impressive work of our students, tour our world-class laboratory and voice what innovative research your industry needs. For more information, contact Chris Rock  |  cdrock@ncsu.edu | 919.515.6419.

Recruiting Undergraduate and Grad Students


7. Life Cycle Executive Leadership Program

The Life Cycle Executive Leadership Program is run through the UNC Institute for Defense and Business (IDB). CAMAL provides half day seminars and tours of their labs for this program. Learn best practices to approach life cycle systems design improvement and sustainment, study methods to reduce supply chain costs, and discover skills to manage people and processes more effectively. For more information visit The Life Cycle Executive Leadership Program or contact Chris Rock  |  cdrock@ncsu.edu | 919.515.6419.