Metallurgy Lab

Metallurgy Lab

Optical Microscopy

Hirox KH-7700

Imaging of powders, as-built samples, and metallographic sections for microstructural analysis.

Optical Microscopy capabilities include:

  • Magnifications up to 7,000x
  • Digital Imaging
  • Linear Feature Measurement
  • Vertical Feature Measurement
  • Surface Roughness Measurement

Optical Microscopy | Metallurgy Lab

Particle Size Analysis

Microtrac S3500

Powder size distribution measured via laser diffraction method.

Capabilities include:

  • Wet analysis with ultrasonic agitation

Particle Size Analysis | Metallurgy Lab

Density Measurement

Quantachrome MICRO-ULTRAPYC 1200E

Sample density is measured via gas pycnometry to determine the amount of closed porosity. 

Density Measurement capabilities include:

  • Analysis of powders
  • Analysis of sections of as-built AM samples

Density Measurements | Metallurgy Lab

Thermal Analysis

TA Instruments Discovery SDT 650 – Simultaneous DSC-TGA

Measures heat flow (Differential scanning calorimetry) and weight change (Thermogravimetric Analysis) from room temperature to 1500°C.

Capabilities include:

  • Analysis in vacuum
  • Analysis in selected atmosphere

Thermal Analysis | Metallurgy Lab

Chemical Analysis

Thermo Scientific ARL Perform’X 4200W Sequential X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

Elemental composition determined by wavelength dispersive spectroscopy.

Thermo Scientific | Metallurgy Lab
LECO OH836 | Metallurgy Lab

Leco OH836

Oxygen and hydrogen levels measured by inert gas fusion.

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