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The CAMAL logo uses Century Schoolbook Bold Italic and Univers fonts. But, they do not need to be loaded on your system.

  • The JPG files should be used for PowerPoint, Microsoft Office documents and the web
  • The PNG files offer a transparent background and are good for student research posters
  • The EPS (vector) files are the only logos that should be used for print because vector files will print cleanly at any size

If you need some other color variation or file formats of our logo, please contact our Director of Creative Services, Robert Lasson | | 919.515.3016.

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EPS (2.02MB)

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NC State University Logos

For information about NC State University’s brand guidelines, go to

CAMAL Letterhead Templates

These Microsoft Word letterhead and memorandum templates are only for digital communications. After you create your body copy, please export them as PDFs. The University recommends that you should only use Arial for the content of your letter. You can purchase other stationery items, such as business cards, letterheads, and envelopes, through the Marketplace. Business cards are also available at Wolf Xpress in the Talley Student Union.

CAMAL Letterhead #2
CAMAL Letterhead #2 (DOCX 64KB)

PowerPoint Templates

Use these PowerPoint templates for your presentations. Please keep in mind that NC State guidelines recommend that you should use the Arial font for your content.

Poster Template

We are happy to print CAMAL student and faculty research posters FREE of charge. Simply convert your poster to a PDF and submit it as an attachment to Also:

  • Let us know if you would like your poster mounted on foam board
  • Typically, graduate and faculty posters are 48 x 36 (inches) and undergrad posters are 40 x 30 (inches)
  • Please allow up to two business days for printing
  • If you would like our design team to review the layout of your poster before printing, please attach your original PowerPoint file and a request for a review

Got Questions? Please contact our Director of Creative Services, Robert Lasson | | 919.515.3016.

The following are templates that you are welcome to use for your poster. Simply click on the poster and download the PowerPoint file.