Additive Camp Days Three and Four…

As anticipated Wednesday was a busy one for the campers. Two big activities took place: #1 was actually using the mold they had created on Tuesday, using the 3D printed item they had created on Monday, to replicate the 3D printed item. See below:


The results, available Thursday morning, were pretty good. Several results were outstanding. No matter the result, it’s fair to say the campers now have a sense of what goes on in the mold making process, and if you think about it they’ve built a foundation for understanding how casting works.


#2 was getting started on the process of optimizing the GE Bracket. Dr. Tim Horn lead the way, along with a great deal of help from our many camp counselors, including:

  • Mahaleigh King
  • Tyler Scheviak
  • Charles Melvin
  • Taylor Wilt
  • Logan Freebourn

The campers have done a great job, it would appear, although the proof will be in the pudding, so to speak. That proof will be shown on Friday, when each 4 person team of campers gets their bracket broken. Last one unbroken wins!