SFF in Austin, TX; Zaynab Mahbooba does a great job!

Zaynab Mahbooba, who’s been working here at CAMAL as a graduate student for a few years now, just passed her Ph.D. qualifying exam in Material Science. Congratulations to Zaynab on that significant achievement, although it came as no surprise to us that she did.

Zaynab attended the Solid Freeform & Fabrication Conference held annually in Austin TX back in August, and made an outstanding presentation on her current research, titled:

Fabrication of Fe-based Build Metallic Glass via Direct Metal Laser Sintering

The abstract, below, gives a good indication of what Zaynab’s been doing of late.

“Bulk metallic glasses are among the strongest engineering materials known today.  Fe-based BMGs are of increasing research interest due to their superior mechanical, magnetic and chemical properties, and low manufacturing cost.  Existing manufacturing techniques limit thickness and geometry of BMGs.  This work examines the use of direct metal laser sintering to produce a Fe-based BMG.  Alloys fabricated using the EOSINT M 280 exceed the critical casting thickness of Fe-based BMGs.  Despite decreasing quench effect with increasing build thickness, XRD, SEM, and DSC analysis confirm that a fully amorphous structure was maintained throughout the build. Opportunities for novel and unique applications of metallic glass are now achievable through process optimization of existing AM processes.”

Zaynab represented all of us, and herself, very well.