CAMAL Camp Day Four (Wednesday)

GE Children (1)                GE Children (2)

Wednesday was the day to put the Campers newly acquired Solidworks skills into actual practice by making their own version of the so called GE bracket. The GE bracket, seen above as the big grey part in the picture on the right, was part of a national design competition a few years ago. Our campers scanned the GE bracket then used Solidworks to come up with their very own, somewhat smaller scaled, versions. Above in both photos are their versions, printed on our Objet Connex 350 printer. Click on either picture to enlarge. It’s amazing how quickly the Campers are catching on.

Wednesday also included the completion of the mold making process. Photos not yet available for that one, but they will soon come!

Thursday will be a learning activity involving testing and microscopy, lead by our very own Harvey West. Breaking of stuff will be involved! That’s always fun.