CAMAL Camp Day 5 (Thursday)

The Thursday schedule to finish up the last full day of CAMAL camp was:

  • Learn about how testing is done with Harvey West, and learn some tricks of the trade in the world of microscopy.
  • Finish up any last minute stuff the campers were working on in their various projects.
  • Prepare a presentation (each team) describing the steps taken to come up with the final team design of the improved GE bracket.
  • Deliver the presentation.

IMG_0721           IMG_0998             IMG_0722

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Above left is our Thomas Martin showing Campers the results of their 3D printing efforts; center is a camper presentation; right is Ola Harrysson showing the inner workings of our Arcam S12, the very first EBM machine Arcam ever made.

Note the blue in the center photo. Tim Horn taught Campers how to use finite element analysis in designing their brackets. They took to the very complex engineering tool like fish to water; it was amazing. Did it make a difference in their final bracket design? We’d find that out on Friday, when parents came to town to witness the best GE bracket competition themselves.