Rohan Shirwaiker

Associate Professor

Rohan Shirwaiker is an Associate Professor in ISE and Associate Director of the Functional Tissue Engineering Program at the Comparative Medicine Institute (CMI). He is also an associate faculty of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Shirwaiker’s 3D Tissue Manufacturing research group focuses on the design and scalable manufacturing of tissue-engineered medical products (TEMPs). They engineer new 3D biofabrication processes (e.g., ultrasound-assisted bioprinting, 3D melt and solution blowing), biomimetic TEMP designs (e.g., for musculoskeletal applications), and non-destructive quality monitoring techniques (e.g., dielectric spectroscopy, ultrasound spectroscopy). Using computational, experimental, and clinical approaches synergistically, they investigate fundamental interrelationships between critical process parameters, biomaterials, and functional quality attributes of TEMPs for various therapeutic and diagnostic applications. Shirwaiker’s research is highly multidisciplinary and collaborative and has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation (CMMI, CBET), National Institutes of Health (NIAMS, NIDCR), US Department of Defense (ARMI BiofabUSA), Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation (OREF), Eshelman Institute for Innovation, and other funding agencies and industry. He has co-authored over 125 journal articles, conference proceedings and book chapters, and has 3 issued/pending patents. He has been recognized by several awards including the NSF CAREER Award, SME Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award, SME Distinguished Faculty Advisor Award, IISE Manufacturing & Design Outstanding Young Investigator Award, and C. A. Anderson Outstanding Faculty Award.

Shirwaiker teaches undergraduate and graduate courses related to design and manufacturing, including ISE 316 (Manufacturing Engineering I: Processes), ISE 498 (Senior Design Project), ISE 589 (Intro to Biomedical Design and Manufacturing), and ISE 714 (Product Manufacturing for Medical Device Industry). He currently serves as the elected Senior Vice-President of Technical Operations on the IISE Board of Trustees. He also serves on SME NAMRI Scientific Committee and ASME Bioprinters Hardware Standards Committee.

Research Interests

3D Biofabrication and Bioprinting, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Additive Manufacturing, Medical Product Development


Ph.D.Doctorate on Philosophy in Industrial EngineeringPennsylvania State University2011
MSMaster of SciencePennsylvania State University2007
BSBachelor of ScienceUniversity of Mumbai2005

Honors and Awards


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Rohan Shirwaiker