Center members pay us a visit

Thursday, Dec. 8, the CAMAL faculty and staff were pleased to be able to host our second CAMAL membership advisory board meeting of the year. Our membership was well represented, either in person or via a Webex connection, and the meeting went off smoothly.

After conducting a bit of necessary Center business, the board was able to hear and see a series of presentations on some of the various activities we’ve been pursuing for the calendar year which is about to end. Dr. Tim Horn leads the way with an overall research summary, while Ph.D. student Chris Ledford gave an excellent talk detailing CAMAL’s significant accomplishment of designing, manufacturing, and installing a “small” build chamber for our Arcam S12. Ph.D. student Hengfeng Gu gave a detailed presentation on some of the varied particle size distribution studies we’ve been conducting. Overall, it should have become clear to the CAMAL members that the Center has been a busy and productive place for the past year.

After providing valued guidance on how we might direct some of our research activities for next year, the CAMAL members received the $2 tour of our ever-growing and improving labs. It was obvious to all that 2016 was a very good year at CAMAL, and the best is yet to come.