The CAMAL lab story continued…

So we took out the door to enable us to bring in three state of the art pieces of technology. First in was our Cincom L20 Screw Machine from Citizen Machinery.









Then, the next day (Thursday, March 12) in came the next piece of equipment in our new and soon to be highly developed finishing capability, a haas Multigrind CA 5 axis grinding center.

IMG_0568                                                                                                                              New haas precision grinding machine.


Then, last but far from least, in came our new Mazak Integrex i-100ST. This is a 5 axis plus machining center, capable of space age machining tolerances.  We now have the technology to take our 3D printed near net shape parts all the way to extraordinarily precise finished tolerances.

IMG_0601Haas and Mazak







We are going to do some really good things here at CAMAL. The future is very bright!