Student research; an update.

A regular event for the CAMAL group is our Friday morning student research meetings. Each Friday at 10 AM all undergraduate and graduate students working on additive related research gather to discuss and review current activities, as well as review research taking place in other parts of the country (and world). We have students involved from just about all of the engineering disciplines, including materials science, computer science/electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, bio medical engineering, the Vet School, and of course ISE.  CAMAL faculty and affiliated faculty are regularly in attendance.

The meetings have a normal format of one student presenting on his/her current research, while another student will present a review of external research related to additive. We also have guest speakers from time to time. Meetings are an hour long; time goes by very quickly (for the non presenters, anyway).

Our latest meeting was a presentation by Austin Isaac on his recently completed internship with American Precision (a part of 3D Systems) in Tulsa, OK. Austin is nearly finished with his Masters program in IMSEI, and worked on various additive processes during his 6 month stay, including brand new technology from 3D Systems company Layerwise. While Austin may not be a fan of Greater Tulsa, he had an excellent working experience (lots and lots of work). Below is Austin presenting:


The previous week, Harshad Srinivasn provided all involved with an update on what we refer to as the Hybrid Project.  In a nutshell, the Hybrid Project is an America Makes funded research activity we are working on to find a better way to turn near net shaped parts coming from an additive process into the net shape, to tight tolerance, parts required in aerospace, defense, and medical device manufacturing industries. Harshad is making the presentation; also actively involved in the project is phd student Carter Keogh, pictured with Harshad in the lab with their constant companion, our HAAS VF 3ssyt multi axis machining center, being used and adapted as part of the research activities.

Harshad and Carter               Harshad presenting (1)

Lots of good things happening at CAMAL…