Hengfeng Gu goes to Texas!


Hengfeng Gu made two excellent presentations at the Solid Freeform & Fabrication Conference in August.  One was a poster presentation, the other a paper.

The name of his poster was “Influence of powder feedstock properties on process parameters for electron beam melting across alloys” This project is funded by America Makes and NSF.

The primary goals for this project are:

  • Develop a powder characterization protocol for metallic powders used in AM process.
  • Investigate the influence of particle size distribution of Ti6Al4V powders on the required process parameters in EBM.
  • Apply powder characterization and as-built part analysis framework for Inconel 625 & 718 powder systems in EBM.

Hengfeng’s paper presentation was “Effect of Powder Recycling on Mechanical Properties of ATI 718 (TM) in Laser Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing”. The content is based on the ATI 718 powder recyclability project, abstracted below:

The research is investigating whether the nickel super-alloy 718 reused powders would influence the mechanical properties of the as-built part in SLM process after 10 fabrication operations.  Micro-hardness, tensile and density of the specimens from as-built solids were compared. No significant difference was found.

Hengfeng’s presentation was an NSF Student Award Winner. Congratulations to Hengfeng on a job well done.