Chancellor Woodson Visits CAMAL

Monday, March 30, we had visitors; Chancellor Woodson and Dean Louis Martin-Vega stopped by to see our newly updated facilities. It’s safe to say they were impressed; Wow was a term used quite frequently. Note that you can click/tap on all pictures for expanded views.

Dr Harrysson and Chancellor at Objet


chancellor woodson with Dr Harrysson



Dr Harrysson tells the Chancellor how it is





Above left Dr. Harrysson shows the Chancellor the finer points of 3D printing on our Objet printer.  Above center Drs. King and Harrysson outline the challenges of metal additive manufacturing, while above right the Chancellor and Dr. Cohen see our ITAR compliant metals printing lab up close.

Thomas teaches the Chancellor


chancellor-woodson drives the scanner


chancellor woodson with Aiden





Above left the Chancellor gets the lowdown on our many personal 3D printers utilizing ABS or PLA materials from Thomas Martin, our student guru in this area. Center, Chancellor Woodson gets to drive our Faro scanning technology after a brief training session from Harshad Srinivasan, Phd candidate in ISE. Right, Aidan Special describes the work he has been doing since becoming part of the CAMAL research team this year.

Tim tells the Chancellor how its made




the Titanium pigskin





The best was saved for last: Dr. Tim Horn made a gift for Chancellor Woodson that could only be made here; a lifesize titanium football with the NC State logo on the outside and a surprisingly artistic (and intricate) spiral design on the inside. Chancellor Woodson will soon have it on display in the Chancellor’s box at Carter Finley Stadium.