CAMAL Camp Day Three (Tuesday)

campers mixing          campers mixing 4          campers mixing 3

Tuesday was a full day for CAMAL Campers. With their previously printed items in hand, the Campers were now ready to make a mold, which will allow them to make many copies of whatever they printed using a wide range of mold able materials. Think chocolate. Above left Dr. Harrysson is giving campers the basics. Above center and right shows the high tech process of mixing the mold base. Remember to click on photos for a bigger view.

After all the mixing was completed (times 20) the campers simply placed their printed part into the mix, where it will sit overnight. Wednesday will lead to the next step in the process, which will be using the molds to make a copy of whatever the campers have printed.

Mold making took place in shifts. While one half made molds, the other half continued their dazzling growth in using Solidworks. Dr. Tim Horn, building on campers previous scanning experience on Monday, showed everyone how to use Solidworks to turn the scanned information into usable, 3D printable, information. In other words, how to reverse engineer using scanning and 3D printing. See Tim below:

Tim with campers 2 (1)

Tuesday afternoon was fully consumed by a tour of Fineline/Protolabs. The folks at Fineline could not have been any more hospitable, and their facility is amazing. They can really do a lot of terrific things there.

It was a good day.