Amir Milak shines in Undergraduate Research Symposium

Amir 2Amir Milak, an undergraduate researcher here at CAMAL, participated in the Engineering College’s Undergraduate Research Symposium on Nov. 22, 2014, and represented himself and our program very well.  Below is the abstract from his presentation, and below that is a link to the excellent poster he created to represent the work.  Amir, by the way, is graduating from NCSU on December 18, 2014.  That’s in less than 3 weeks!


With the rapid evolution of additive manufacturing in recent years, metal powder bed fusion has shown great potential for various applications ranging from Biomedical to Aerospace. This study will focus on comparing the tensile and material properties of two forms of powder bed fusion using the Titanium alloy system, Ti6Al4V.   The two processes that will be compared are the Electron Beam Melting process (Arcam, EBM) and the Direct Metal Laser Sintering process (EOS M280 Laser, DMLS).   The EBM uses a Tungsten filament to generate electrons which are guided through 3 electro-magnetic coils that focus and deflect the beam across the build area, selectively consolidating the powder.  The build area is under a mid-vacuum and remains at a relatively high temperature (800 Degrees C). The EOS uses a laser energy source, requires finer powder and does not operate at the high temperatures typical to EBM.  We hypothesize that there will be a difference in tensile properties of the two processes.

Research Symposium Poster-Amir