Emily SmithMy name is Emily Smith, and I am a PhD student in the NCSU/UNC Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering. I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Engineering at Mississippi State University in 2011, and I am currently funded through the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program. I am actively involved in both the Biomedical Graduate Student Association and the NCSU University Graduate Student Association.

My research interests include orthopedic implants and rehabilitation engineering. I am currently working on a project developing a total shoulder arthroplasty for dogs using additive manufacturing technologies. My research is focused in the area of custom medical implants and devices. The goal of my dissertation project is to design custom implants for limb sparing and total joint arthroplasty of the canine shoulder. Through this research we hope to learn more about the canine shoulder joint so we can help patients with osteosarcoma of the shoulder live a longer, healthy life.

canine shoulder